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Hermanus Whale Watching Season 2024

The period between June and December is arguably among the most eagerly awaited of the year in Hermanus, particularly for marine life lovers. The end of May/early June sees the switch where locals stop waiting for the whales and start watching them again as peak Hermanus whale watching season commences – one of the reasons visitors from all parts of the world continue to flock to this coastal town we get to call home, each year.

One of the anticipated sightings is that of the renowned Southern Right whales, who make their way to our shores during this time. In addition, you can also look forward to possible encounters with Humpback and Bryde’s whales during the annual whale-watching season of Hermanus. And 2024 will no doubt be no exception!

Hermanus Whale Watching Season 2024

What To Expect from the 2024 Whale Watching Season in Hermanus

Southern Right whales: This species makes its way to the coast to mate and calve in the shallow waters during the whale watching season, specifically from June to December. Because of this and its vantage points, Hermanus has quickly become one of the world’s best land-based whale-watching areas!

Humpback whales: Known as acrobats of the ocean are always a welcome addition to the whale-watching season. In Hermanus and the greater Western Cape province, the peak months for Humpback whale sightings in this area are between May and August.

Bryde’s whales: No stranger to the Hermanus shores, Bryde’s whales can be spotted all year round and remain a much-loved sighting for visitors during the whale-watching season. Despite their regular appearances, Bryde’s whales are the more elusive whale species, but with some patience, an up-close-and-personal encounter with them can and does happen, and is something to be cherished.

Although our tours are predominantly focused on these whales, the area’s marine life offers so much more and ensures that guests walk away with stories and pictures worth a thousand words! Sightings of playful Cape fur seals, various species of dolphins, and an abundance of sea birds form part of the diversity of the Hermanus whale watching season.

Come Join us on an Adventure This Hermanus Whale Season

We, at Southern Right Charters have grown an industry-wide reputation as a leading whale-watching operator in South Africa since our inception in 1999. Our whale-watching catamaran is built to ensure comfort and stability, and our boat trips are led by a friendly and knowledgeable crew.

During whale watching season in Hermanus, we offer various departure times throughout the day weather permitting – 06h30, 09h00, 12h00 and 15h00.

View our rates and full details of our trips here.

Whale Watching Tips

For novices with little to no experience of what to expect from the Hermanus whale watching season, we advise layering when dressing for the experience. And – motion sickness medication is always advisable if you’re uncertain of your sea legs!

The weather in Hermanus can be quite fickle and extremely unpredictable during this period, so make sure to dress accordingly. Take a look at what we suggest you bring here.

For budding photographers, or wannabe Paul Nicklen’s – here’s a link to some basic photography tips!

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With whale watching season fully in session, Southern Right Charters is ready to help you create a one-of-a-kind experience on the water while you capture footage of these magnificent marine creatures!

Hermanus Whale Watching Season is Here

Every year the ‘SRC Crew’ await and anticipate the upcoming whale watching season, each with our own predictions on what the season will hold and so far June has exceeded expectations. Continue reading “Hermanus Whale Watching Season is Here”

June Sightings 2016 | Hermanus Whale Watching Season

Exciting update for all nature lovers and whale enthusiasts!  Our whale season 2016 in Hermanus is underway.

With many sightings of Brydes and breaching Humpback whales, we enjoyed an early inception to the “whale epochâ”. In addition we have observed the occasional Southern Right whale, as they appear to slowly meander their way into Walkerbay. We have indulged in sightings of various species of dolphins as they frolicked happily alongside our catamaran and playfully hurdled the waves.

In our plight to create awareness, Southern Right Charters elected to contribute in our own small way to the incredible initiative of World Ocean Day, which was on the 8th June 2016. The theme was “healthy oceans, healthy planet” and is a celebration and worldwide collaboration for a better future of the ocean. It was an extraordinary day here at the Hermanus New Harbour, as we celebrated in true African style, with a marimba band, “life- sized whale photo booth” and Sustainable seafood snacks for our whale watching guests. Everyone was in high spirits and the trip itself a huge success with good sightings and fantastic weather conditions on the day.

World Oceans Day Celebration  World Oceans Day

So, be it from the scenic cliff paths at Gearing’s Point or up close and personal, from our whale watching catamaran HAPPY WHALE WATCHING 2016 to everybody!

Click to view our PHOTO GALLERY of our June Hermanus Whale Watching Sightings, photos taken by our Whale Specialist Guide, Ken and the Hermanus Whales Author, Dave.

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