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Greater Oceans Initiative at Southern Right Charters

September is always an exciting month at Southern Right Charters, not only is it the middle of our peak whale watching season but also a month of celebration, with Heritage Day, International Coastal Cleanup Day and the annual Whale Festival all coinciding.


Harbour Clean up, Lets Go Go #GOWalk!

As part of our ongoing Greater Oceans Initiative (#GO), Southern Right Charters have taken the helm on harbour clean ups in the New Harbour.

Let’s be honest, cleaning up 1 day a year is good start, but consistency and mindset change is what’s required here. So for the month of September we have intensified our regular #GOWalk Harbour Clean-up’s  and have committed to ‘A clean up a Day’ in the spirit of International Coastal Cleanup Day which falls on the 21st of September 2019.

A big part of the Ocean Conservancy’s founded International Coastal Cleanup Day is to go beyond picking up trash but to record each item collected in order to identify ways to eliminate ocean trash in the future. They have made it easier than ever with the launch of their super cool CleanSwell app, which tracks time spent, distance covered and weight collected.


Harbour Cleanup Hermanus 2019



Earlier this month we collaborated with White Shark Projects and their #21daysfortheOcean Campaign .We hosted the Shark Team volunteers on Day 6 of their crusade, where they spent the day along the Hermanus Cliff Paths conducting a Whale count and Coastal Clean-up.

The evenings event saw sustainable seafood snacks, refreshments and engaging talks from our Whale specialist guides, as well as local expert Meredith Thornton. Meredith gave an open and frank discussion on the devastating effects pollution has on our seas and Cetaceans – but highlighting that with a positive mind-shift, we really can make a difference, leaving all that attended with a sense of hope and determination to make a change.


Talk on Whales 2019 Hermanus

Southern Right Charters’ Great Oceans Initiative (#GO) is all about making a daily difference by reducing the amount of litter that ends up polluting our oceans READ MORE

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