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Bryde’s whales are resident to the temperate waters of South Africa, but are found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans. These whales can regularly be spotted in Hermanus waters all year round. They are best seen on a whale watching cruise Hermanus.

  • This whale specie does not migrate from the South African coastline, as they are typically hunting for fish- stocks, as such can be found near to shore or off-shore
  • Estimated Population: Up to 100,000 worldwide, although there is insufficient data at this point for specific population trends.
  • The Bryde’s whale is a Baleen whale, however, is further classified as part of the Rorqual family which includes whales such as the Humpback whale, Blue whale & Fin whale, the rorqual whales are also gulper feeders as opposed to only skimmer feeders such as the Southern Right Whale.
    • Like the Southern Right, this whale feeds on krill, copepods & amphipods but also feeds on small pelagic fish. (Pilchard, mackerel, herring & anchovy), they will feed on any shoaling prey in the area and are therefore found wherever there is an abundance of fish.
    • Brydes whales are regularly spotted, but due to the fact that they are continuously hunting, it makes them fairly elusive for ‘up close & personal’ whale watching.
  • The Bryde’s whale is slender & has a streamlined body in comparison to other whales; they are easily recognized by their small dorsal fin far down their back and their unique longitudinal ridges along their head.
  • Bryde’s whales can grow up to 15 metres (50ft) with weights that exceed 15 tons.

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