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Hermanus is synonymous with whale watching and one of the best places in the world to spot these gentle giants. You can enjoy fantastic boat-based whale spotting excursions, but you can also enjoy their antics from a number of spots along the coast without leaving the shore.

Whales in Hermanus

You don’t even have to look for these creatures yourself; the resident Whale Crier will announce any whale sightings with a blast from his kelp horn, alerting all and sundry to the presence of whales in the vicinity. From late May, early June Southern Right whales start to arrive in these shallow, sandy-bottomed and sheltered bays to give birth to their calves and to woo their next suitor. The Annual ‘Kalfiefees‘ and whale festival are held during August and September.

The whales can be are easily spotted from the cliff walk running for 12km along the length of the town and they often venture just metres from the shore. You can observe them indulging in high jinks involving breaching, tail slapping and lobtailling.

For a closer encounter with these giants of the ocean, you can embark on a boat-based whale-watching trip.

These depart from New Harbour several times a day and usually last about one and a half hours. Licensed permitted operators are allowed to approach to within 50 metres of the whales. Being natural showmen and curious creatures, Southern Right Whales in Hermanus will often approach the boats for closer look and then indulge in their repertoire of whale aerobics to the delight of all aboard.

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