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The World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) has expanded their partnership with plans to highlight the 50 Top Responsible Whale Watching Operators worldwide and identified Southern Right Charters as one of the candidates that represent the best in the responsible tourism industry.

The World Cetacean Alliance is the world’s largest Partnership working to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises (cetaceans). With over 90 non-profit organisations, whale and dolphin watching tour operators and individuals in 40 countries worldwide working collaboratively to protect cetaceans and their habitats.


World Whale Conference 2017


As new partners, Southern Right Charters recently attended the 4th World Whale Conference in Durban. Our whale specialist guide, Ken attended a full line up of talks and presentations in addition to workshops. Once back in Hermanus he updated the SRC crew on the latest information on responsible tourism for whales and dolphins. Which included:  interesting stats from a recent Best Practice survey initiated by the WCA; insight from Prof Ken Findlay on his talk on recovering whale populations and South Africa receiving praise from Dylan Walker, CEO of World Cetacean Alliance, when describing the country as a “world leader” in responsible whale-watching.



Southern Right Charters at WCA Conference






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