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There are many added advantages to boat based whale watching in Hermanus: 

  • Rather than observing whales from a beach or from the top of a cliff, a boat offers a multi-dimensional experience of whale watching as you cruise along the ocean’s surface, tangibly feeling the sea spray shot up by breaching whales and hearing the subtle sounds of marine life up close.

boat based whale watching in Hermanus

  • Whale watching from shore almost certainly requires binoculars. A decent pair of binoculars is a necessity. Watching from a boat enables you to see clearly into the water below you with your own eyes and spy all of the creatures swimming below.

hermanus boat based whale watching

  • From a boat you will be able to see the whales from an incredible distance of just 50 metres away. Licensed permitted boat based whale watching operators are permitted to approach the whales up to 50m, and then it is up to the whales to approach closer – being curious creatures they often come right up to the boat.

boat based whale watching in hermanus

  • In addition to the health benefits that derive from the adrenalin you feel when you see a whale up close; your knowledge will also receive a boost as marine-enthusiastic crew members provide detailed explanations of the behaviour of the whales as it is seen to be happening during an encounter on open sea excursions.

With all of these advantages listed about boat based watching instead of shore watching, it is easy to see why a boat trip into open oceans will give you the best opportunity for a mind-blowing and memorable meeting with the whales and marine life of Hermanus.

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