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During the whale watching season Southern Right Charters constantly monitors and records all whale sightings and activity; these records are then submitted to Ocean and Coasts (OC) to assist with marine research and development.

Southern Right Charters also regularly work alongside local organisations in the event of marine life or sea bird injury/death by designating a crew to record, photograph and  assist where possible the stricken animal.


Southern Right Charters is in partnership with The South African Shark Conservancy (SASC) and was instrumental in the formulation of the first and only Marine Ecology Research Programme (MERP) in Walker Bay. This programme is multi-pronged but the cetacean portion is the only research currently being done on whales from boats in the Walker Bay.

The objective is to create a long-term database of individual sightings and to better understand site fidelity, habitat use, behaviour and population dynamics of marine mammals in Walker Bay, Hermanus. This research will assist in understanding marine mammal ecology, develop relevant – scientifically meaningful – conservation initiatives, and promote marine science in the Overstrand Region.


Research & Study the marine life of Walker Bay.

Using a multi-pronged approach the interns are trained to collect boat-based & shore-based data pertaining to whale behaviour; size; population in environmental factors; photo identification. We trust that they will apply this knowledge to further conservation in many and varied ways.
Our research & outreach projects are specifically designed to promote a holistic approach to conservation.
For more information on joining us and the SASC Intern programme,please contact us