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Southern Right Charters operates under the ethos of Observing Not Disturbing, the safety and conservation of the whales and marine life is principal. Under this ethos the company believes it is its obligation to ensure the service offered is informative and educational.

The education of our crew, the local community and guests on board is one of the prime functions of Southern Right Charters with the aim of creating awareness for local and international conservation of marine wildlife. Visitors have access to a display of brochures and reading material on marine conservation and cetaceans.

Currently Southern Right Charters works closely with the local organisations and schools in offering complimentary whale watching trips to conduct field studies, educate and create awareness.


Southern Right Charters strives to keep its environmental impact at the lowest possible point.

Minimizing waste, energy saving devices & recycling initiatives are implemented and practiced in our operation. Our boat is specifically designed with the safety of marine life in close proximity of the boat in mind with the smooth curvature of the hull, inline propeller and rudder system and sound proofing around engines. In an ongoing certified initiative certified Southern Right Charters now manage an effective emission reduction project, where we have reduced our CO2 output and engaged in sustainable way of giving back to the environment.

During our whale watching tours we endeavor to collect any potential dangers to the marine life and boats in our area. Collection of ‘flotsam’ during the season includes: hundreds of metres of binding tape, rope, buoys and plastic containers.

Southern Right Charters is well-recognized for for sustainable and responsible tourism.