A whale’s gotta eat!

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As rich in marine life as the waters of Walker Bay are, they unfortunately do not hold the required biomass of the southern right’s whale favourite food source to keep these gentle giants here year-round. November...
Whale Watching Hermanus

Whale Season is here!

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The month of June brings out a palpable excitement amongst the Southern Right Charters crew. Every year around this time, the southern right whales that have been feasting further south in the Southern Ocean make th...
welcome whales

The Welcome Whales Celebration

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  Come and join in the festivities at the first Welcome Whales Celebration taking place this June. The event is hosted by a collaboration of whale-fanatics, guru’s, scientists, and locals that have teamed up ...
whale research

Say Hello to MIRA – the southern right whale.

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‘MIRA’ is a 16 year old female southern right whale with a large distinctive white marking on her dorsal. In addition to keeping sighting logs of each whale & dolphin sighting during our boat tours, ...
Whale season 2019

Hermanus Whale Season

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Skippers’ Log: Hermanus Whale Season 2019 Since kicking off our whale season back in June, we have had one of the most spectacular and varied seasons on record. (Let’s not dwell on the abundance of long cold...
Cleanup by boat 2019 Southern Right Charters


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Greater Oceans Initiative at Southern Right Charters September is always an exciting month at Southern Right Charters, not only is it the middle of our peak whale watching season but also a month of celebration, wit...
Hermanus Whale Cruise

Are there whales in Hermanus? | June 2019

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The most asked question in June is “Are there whales in Hermanus?” The short answer is, Yes! The first trip of our 2019 season was on the 4th June, and we can happily say that since then we have seen goo...
Whale Watching August 2018

Fabulous August 2018 | Whale Season Hermanus

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The whale season in Hermanus is in FULL swing: with nearly daily sightings from the land and 100% success rate for sightings on all of our whale watching boat trips this past month, the coastline is beaming with act...
Hermanus Whale Watching -Southern Right Charters


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With its close proximity to Cape Town, Hermanus is the perfect getaway destination. This once small fishing village has burst into an eco-tourism playground and has become known as the whale watching capital of Sout...